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Family Leadership Coaching

The most successful family enterprises are intentional about identifying and developing their future leaders. They understand that investing in their family capital is as important as managing their financial capital.

More than succession planning…

Focusing on the who of  succession planning, while important, stops short of recognizing the talent that is embedded in every family enterprise from multigenerational shareholders to stakeholders such as non-owner spouses and future owners.

Effective stewardship of the family enterprise, whether it be a business, a foundation, a financial enterprise, or a combination of entities requires broad-based engagement, education, and preparation for the sometimes unpredictable transitions and decisions that must be made by family members to ensure success and continuity within the family enterprise over time and generations.

Consulting Process

Pat’s consulting process begins with a broad-based view of family leadership to include both identified and unidentified future family leaders and stewards. Key to the consulting process is exploration of the kinds of leadership skills that will be needed in the family enterprise going forward.

  • Clarification of current & future leadership needs, gaps, roles and responsibilities
  • Identification of relevant training and educational opportunities
  • Mentoring and one-on-one coaching for individuals


The goal of the consulting process is to develop and implement a strategy that builds leadership capacity within the family and may include:

  • Broad-based engagement of rising generation family members
  • Tailored, strengths-focused leadership development strategies
  • Development of leadership transition plans

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