Family Leadership Development

Family Business, Family Philanthropy and Family Governance


Family Business Governance

Working Agreements

Governing Policies and Bodies

Shareholder Engagement and Education
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Family Leadership Coaching

Rising Generation Engagement


Thoughtful Transitions
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Family Philanthropy

Clarity of Purpose

Shared Governance

Focus on Impact
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Meet Pat Armstrong

Passionate about partnering with multigenerational families to develop their leadership capacity across generations, Dr. Patricia (Pat) Armstrong is a seasoned family wealth consultant. With a background in psychology, wealth management, leadership, and organizational development, Pat helps individuals and families navigate common challenges associated with:

  • Family business
  • Family philanthropy
  • Family leadership

When Pat is not helping families, she loves international travel, gardening, and spending time by the ocean.

Reach Pat via email or phone at +1 415.297.8053.